Support for journalists under threat

Providing a safe haven in Leipzig for journalists at risk

The ECPMF’s Journalists-in-Residence (JiR) programme offers temporary shelter for journalists facing harassment and intimidation as a direct result of their work. Journalists get the chance to rest and recuperate in a safe and discreet place, and also to continue their investigative work at their own pace and use their time in Leipzig for networking and finding solidarity. The JiR programme lasts for either three or up to six months, and includes a rent-free furnished apartment in Leipzig, as well as a monthly stipend to cover basic living costs. It also covers travel and visa expenses, health insurance, psychological counselling, and journalism-related training sessions on topics like digital security, mobile reporting and social media management.


What does the JiR programme provide?


• safe and discreet place to continue investigating and publishing, to rest and to recover (max. 6 months)
• rent-free, furnished apartment in Leipzig
• health insurance and psychological counselling (optional)
• monthly stipend of 1,000 euros
• travel expenses to and from Leipzig (arrival and departure)
• visa costs
• participation in journalism-related trainings
• networking opportunities
• a workplace in the ECPMF office and the opportunity to work (pro bono)with the ECPMF’s press team on self-selected subjects



• legal residence in a Member State or candidate country of the Council of Europe (valid passport required)
• documented journalistic work and references
• documentation describing the immediate threat situation and lack of local support opportunities
• verifiable English or German language skills (at least B1-level)

How to apply:


Calls for applications are announced on and the ECPMF’s social media once or twice a year and are also disseminated throughout the Centre’s European networks.

The documents you need, like the application form and an additional questionnaire, will be provided on our website as soon as the call is announced. The regular application process requires you to complete these two documents and send them, together with samples of your work and a copy of the relevant identity documents, to After a comprehensive review process, the selected fellows will be invited to Leipzig for the upcoming JiR period.




In addition to our regular JiR programme with the application process described above, we have established a Fast-Track-Mode.The selection of fellows for the Fast Track is based on recommendations of verified and appropriate cases from our German and international partner organisations who run similar programmes. Please note that there is no possibility to apply directly for these Fast-Track-Mode-stipends as an individual journalist under threat.

Register your interest in advance


If you wish to be notified once a new call has been released, please send your name and preferred email address to or to the postal address indicated below. All personal information will be treated as strictly confidential.


Over the past years the ECPMF hosted a large group of journalists. You will find a selective list about our JiR-Alumni here.

Journalists in Residence

Blaž Zgaga

“I am freelance investigative journalist based in Slovenia, who writes for the Croatian weekly magazine Nacional and works with European Investigative Collaborations (EIC). After I disclosed that the most powerful […]