ECPMF support programmes aim to reach journalists and media workers across Europe to ensure they are protected from harm and can continue their work. We work with different partners at national, regional and international levels to achieve our mission of promoting, preserving and defending media freedom.

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This is support offered to ensure immediate and urgent assistance to journalists and media workers who are in danger because of their work. It is for media organisations or practising media professionals in EU Member States (including UK) and candidate countries.

Individual journalists, bloggers, activists, free speech advocates, non-governmental organisations and media outlets – especially those operating in countries with more restrictive governments – can find it difficult to find legal expertise and pay for adequate legal support.

This programme is for journalists facing harassment and intimidation as a direct result of their work. Those eligible are journalists and media workers from EU Member States, Candidate Countries and Member States of the Council of Europe. The programme lasts for three to six months.

This support programme is for media workers exiled in Germany, irrespective of their origin. It comprises financial assistance for professional qualifications, legal consultations and psychological support.

This fund supports cross-border investigative journalism in Europe. It gives direct funds to collaborative projects through two funding schemes, one for new projects and one for ongoing projects.

The Women’s Reporting Point is for female media workers to report any forms harassment they are subjected to, or that they witness it in their journalistic work. Reports received are given priority, treated confidentially and are only handled by women staff.

ECPMF financially supports counselling sessions for programme co-ordinators in Germany who work with media professionals in exile and under threat. When delivered, the sessions are designed to help co-ordinators develop strategies of how best to interact with media professionals, bearing in mind the sensitivities of their situations. The aim is to strengthen the personal resilience of the co-ordinators.