Mapping Media Freedom is a platform that identifies threats, violations and limitations faced by media workers throughout European Union member states, candidates for entry and neighbouring countries.

Mapping Media Freedom tracks limitations, threats and violations that affect media professionals as they do their job. Violations, censorship and needs of threatened journalists in Europe Journalists and media workers are confronting relentless pressure simply for doing their job.
We strive to have a complete narrative of the objective facts of incidents without bias against news outlets or journalists.


How do we verify the alerts submitted?

Once submitted, ECPMF verifies the alerts in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The platform’s methodology complies with journalistic standards employed by Reuters and AP.
  • Each report is verified by 2-3 trusted and independent sources which include but are not limited to: local and national media outlets, journalist unions, police reports, social media accounts of the individuals directly involved.
  •  When violations are self-reported or when clarification is needed, ECPMF staff also verifies incidents with the media worker(s) affected by getting first-hand testimony and or speaks to journalists’ unions.

 Our verification process is a multi-layered one in which staff work with a team of independent journalists to verify and report incidents submitted to the website. The goal is the most complete narrative of the incident that reflects the objective events.

Latest reports

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