Azad Md Abul Kalam

(Journalist from Bangladesh, JiR in 2023)


“I’m immensely indebted to ECPMF for awarding me the Journalist-in-Resident fellowship, which I must say, not only helped me to finish my first book but also rediscover myself, both as a journalist and a human being. This extraordinary programme offers everything a desperate journalist aspires to. Vital among all, however, are the mental support, freedom to do whatever fellows desire and a sense of security that altogether can change one’s life forever.

As a journalist, I have always been very keen to meet with journalists coming from different backgrounds. I love to hear their life stories and the challenges they face in pursuing journalism in their home countries. I came across a number of brave journalists. Also, I had the opportunity to know some persons who are dedicatedly working to promote independent journalism and ensure safety of the journalists at risk. I’m thankful to ECPMF for making it happen and broadening my horizon.

Being the first Bangladeshi journalist to be chosen for the fellowship is something to be proud of. Apart from language learning, I have some personal achievements and making book reading a habit is one of them. I could also assess the achievements and failures of my life and know better what to do in future.

As I move on, I will always cherish the love and care extended by the ECPMF staff throughout the entire fellowship.”


Photos: Andreas Lamm