Armağan Kabaklı 

(Journalist from Turkey, JiR in 2023/24)


“I joined ECPMF’s JiR programme as an earthquake survivor. After days of sleeplessness and trauma, I met a wonderful team in Leipzig who were ready to provide me with everything I needed and a program where everything was thought out in the finest and most human details.

To be honest, 6 months of opportunities far beyond what I expected, a friendship that is good for the human spirit, a high level of professional solidarity, left a mark on me that I will never forget throughout my journalistic life. It has been a source of motivation both for my recovery and for continuing to work as a journalist.

Leipzig is a truly wonderful city. But what makes it invaluable for me is the great team of ECPMF. During the JiR program, I was able to rest and recuperate, improve my foreign language skills, meet and network with talented and successful media professionals and journalists. I attended 3 important media conferences.

No matter what your circumstances are where you are, what ECPMF in Leipzig will provide you is to feel as good as safe and turn all your circumstances into positive, even if temporarily. I am grateful for that and knowing that there is a team working 24 hours a day for journalists anywhere in the world gives me more courage and makes me love my profession.”


Photos: Andreas Lamm