Opportunities for journalists in exile in Germany

Together with journalists in exile, we want to find out how to help them continue their journalistic work in Germany and develop new opportunities for the future. Therefore, we arrange and finance counselling and training to facilitate professional activities in exile. 


These offers can be used by media professionals in Germany, regardless of their origin, who had to leave their country due to oppression or persecution. 


The selection of the offers depends on the individual needs and knowledge, as well as professional goals of the journalists. We see ourselves as an independent intermediary organisation through which journalists in exile in Germany have access to information and financial resources.


Professional training

The journalists have access to professional training courses and workshops in order to acquire further knowledge in the field of journalism. 


As part of a fellowship, we can also provide a monthly financial subsidy for journalistic internships. This support contributes to the subsistence costs during the internship and enables accompanying training. 


We also support the recognition of relevant documents such as academic degrees or other professional qualifications. 



The journalists have access to language courses that are relevant to their journalistic work. 

Furthermore, we can cover the costs of translators and interpreters, which are required, for example, for writing articles or for accompanying therapy sessions or legal advice. 



The journalists have access to independent professional advice on legal matters. We finance consultations in the areas of labour law, asylum, and residence law and media law. 



Journalists have access to suitable psychosocial support. We cover the costs for various therapy offers. 



We can financially contribute to the procurement of necessary journalistic equipment and other materials.


In collaboration with Hostwriter, ECPMF facilitates ExileNet, a closed exchange platform for journalists and media workers in exile in Germany. Journalists who are currently in exile in Germany and interested in joining the network should reach out directly at exilenet@ecpmf.eu for further information.


Journalists who are in exile in Germany are welcome to contact us directly: 

  1. First, please send an email to support@ecpmf.eu and briefly describe your current situation and the support you need. 
  2. You will then receive a questionnaire that you can fill out in English or German. Please prepare the following documents: 
    • Press card(s) (if available) 
    • Work samples 
    • Letter of support or contact details from at least one trusted organisation 
    • CV 
    • Copy of ID/residence permit 
  3. After we have viewed and checked your documents, we decide together if and how ECPMF can support you. 

Please note that ECPMF underlies strict funding criteria and is tied to limited project funds. Therefore we cannot support all incoming requests.


Get in contact

Email: support@ecpmf.eu

If you are a journalist searching for help through one of ECPMF’s support programmes, you can get in contact with us.

Journalists in Exile Network

Through our support offerings for journalists in exile in Germany, we have worked with many talented and dedicated journalists and media workers. Get to know some of them, their stories, and their professional focus areas in our Journalists in Exile Network page.

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