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13 Oct

Czech Republic: Media freedom groups urge MPs to pass media act amendment

The undersigned media freedom and journalists organisations and unions today urge the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic to vote to pass a draft bill which would amend the law on public broadcasting to strengthen the institutional independence of Česká televize (Czech Television) and Český rozhlas (Czech Radio).

21 Jun

Czech Republic: MFRR pushes for reforms to strengthen independence of public broadcaster

Representatives from IPI and ECPMF travelled to Prague on 15 June to meet with officials from the Ministry of Culture and push for the development of reforms which strengthen the independence of the country’s public broadcaster.

10 May

Czech Republic: Independence of public broadcasters must be insulated against future attacks

Partners of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) have published a statement urging the Czech Government to come good on its promises to strengthen the independence of public broadcasters and to seize the opportunity to put press freedom at the centre of its EU presidency programme.

23 Mar

Letter to All Members of Parliament of the Czech Republic

The MFRR partners ask for de-politicisation of the Council of the Czech TV regarding citizens’ access to pluralistic public service media in the Czech Republic.

17 Nov

The Czech Republic: MFRR partners concerned over side-lining of critical media outlets during the government press conferences

MFRR write to express their disappointment over the lack of communication with the media by the Government of the Czech Republic and the repeated denial of access for certain outlets to COVID-19 press conferences.

14 Aug

Runder Tisch in Prag: “Die Medien sollten die Politik kontrollieren und nicht umgekehrt”, sagt Senator Smoljak

Der Medienausschuss des tschechischen Senats ist besorgt über die Zukunft der öffentlichen-rechtlichen Medien, nachdem scharfe Kritiker des Systems in den Aufsichtsgremium gewählt wurden. ECPMF und IPI stellten mehrere ausgewiesene Experten für ein Fachgespräch am Runden Tisch.

14 Aug

Kulatý stůl v Praze: Média mají kontrolovat politiky a nikoli naopak, říká senátor Smoljak

Stálá komise Senátu ČR pro sdělovací prostředky má obavy o budoucnost veřejnoprávních médií. ECPMF a IPI poskytly několik mediálních expertů do odborné diskuse u kulatého stolu.

2 Jun

Czech Republic: Follow Up to Request to Preserve Freedom and Independence of Public Service TV

Ahead of the planned election in March we urged you to choose from candidates for the Council of Czech TV (Česká televize) independently from any political interference or alleged attempts of influence. We are concerned that the composition of the Council cannot be considered impartial or balanced between political groups no longer.

11 Mar

Joint request to all Members of Parliament of the Czech Republic to Preserve Freedom and Independence of Public Service TV

Today, as Members of Parliament are going to elect six new Council members of Czech TV (Česká televize), we ask you to choose from the 18 candidates independently from any political interference or attempts to exert influence.