Category Press release
9 Nov

Partners of the CoE Platform on Safety of Journalists to conduct international mission to Kosovo and Albania

Between 15 and 18 November 2022, partners of the Council of Europe’s Platform on Safety of Journalists will visit Kosovo and Albania to assess the current state of media freedom and protection for journalists in the two countries.

28 Oct

ECPMF to host RE:Cover Conference on War Reporting in Ukraine

From 9-11 December 2022, ECPMF will host the RE:Cover, a conference focusing on every aspect of war reporting in Ukraine.

20 Oct

Anti-SLAPP Declaration and Call to Action

To mark the first ever European Anti-SLAPP Conference, CASE calls on governments across Europe to take immediate legislative and practical action to protect journalists and other public watchdogs from SLAPPs.

14 Oct

Voices of Ukraine – ECPMF launches new Ukraine media support programme

To support the protection of journalists, the German government has announced the establishment of the “Hannah Arendt Initiative”, developed with the support of ECPMF and other civil society organisations. At the same time, ECPMF launches the new programme “Voices of Ukraine”.

12 Oct

Turkey: Nine press freedom and journalism groups to examine media freedom crisis in build up to 2023 elections

A coalition of international journalism, press freedom and human rights groups will carry out a three-day mission to Turkey to investigate serious, continued threats to independent journalism in the country.

9 Sep

International civil society urges European Union to guarantee an enabling visa framework for human rights defenders

In a joint statement, 50 international civil society organisations are calling on all European Union institutions and the EU Member States to return on its political mandate in favour of human rights and human rights defenders.

7 Sep

ECPMF to provide legal support to journalist Antonella Napoli

ECPMF’s Legal Affairs Committee has agreed to provide €10,000 in legal support to Antonella Napoli, a freelance Italian journalist, as she continues an almost 25 year long legal battle.

14 Jun

Feindbild Journalist 6 – Hatred on the Doorstep

ECPMF, as part of the MFRR, has published the English translation of the 2021 iteration of “Feindbild”, an annual study into politically-motivated violence against journalists in Germany.

1 Jun

IJ4EU relaunches: €1.23M in grants for watchdog journalism in Europe

Bigger and bolder, the Investigative Journalism for Europe (IJ4EU) fund is back, offering critical support for cross-border investigative journalism in Europe.

18 May

Launching Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) III

The consortium running the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) has been granted €1.95 million in funding from the European Commission to continue its work to defend and support press and media freedom throughout all EU member states, candidate countries, and Ukraine.