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30 Mar

Hak örgütleri Türkiye’yi COVID-19 riskiyle karşı karşıya olan mahpus gazeteciler, insan hakları savunucuları ve diğer kişileri bir an önce serbest bırakmaya çağırıyor

Aşağıda imzası bulunan kuruluşlar Türkiye yetkililerini, sadece haklarını kullandıkları için tutuklanan ya da hüküm giyen gazeteciler, insan hakları savunucuları ve diğer kişileri derhal ve koşulsuz olarak serbest bırakmaya çağırmaktadır.

30 Mar

Turkey: Call for urgent release of imprisoned journalists, human rights defenders and others, now at risk of Covid-19

The undersigned organisations call on the Turkish authorities to immediately and unconditionally release journalists, human rights defenders and others who have been charged or convicted simply for exercising their rights.

25 Mar

Turkey: Call for Action to Protect Prisoners from COVID19 Pandemic

4 Mar

EU and Member States must create safe environment for journalists reporting on the humanitarian situation in Greece

Physical attacks, online harassment and censorship: In recent days, media freedom organisations have shed light on threats against journalists reporting on the arrival of migrants into Greece.

6 Feb

Turkey: The re-arrest of novelist Ahmet Altan is arbitrary and cruel

20.11.2019 Turkish authorities have re-arrested the internationally-known Turkish novelist Ahmet Altan just one week after his release from over three years in detention. ECPMF and the undersigned organisations said that […]

3 Nov

Joint call for Turkish novelist Ahmet Altan, Nazlı Ilıcak and other journalists to be released

03.11.2019 Free speech and human rights organisations call for Turkish novelist Ahmet Altan, Nazlı Ilıcak and other journalists to be released. Ahead of the second hearing in the retrial of […]

18 Oct

Turkey: Altan & others still in jail as retrial commences on new bogus terrorism charges

18.10.2019 On 8 October, the retrial of journalists, writers and media workers Ahmet Altan, Mehmet Altan, Nazlı Ilıcak, Yakup Şimşek, Fevzi Yazıcı and Şükrü Tuğrul Özşengül on terrorism charges began […]

10 Oct

Joint statement Gezi trial: Osman Kavala must be released!

10.10.2019 On Tuesday, 8. October, the third hearing of the Gezi Park trial has been held at İstanbul 30th Heavy Penal Court in Silivri. The court ruled that leading civil […]

18 Sep

Joint statement on freedom of expression crisis in Turkey in front of the UN Human Rights Council

18.09.2019 At the 42nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council, ARTICLE 19  delivered a joint statement on behalf of a group of civil society organisations, including the ECPMF. Item 4: […]

2 Aug

Turkey: Leading coalition of free expression organisations highlight unprecedented crackdown on freedom of expression in report to UN

02.08.2019 More than two years since the attempted coup in 2016 and one year after its state of emergency measures were lifted, the government of Turkey continues its relentless and […]