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9 Aug

Turkey: International groups condemn fifth imprisonment order against journalist Barış Pehlivan

The undersigned media freedom, freedom of expression, human rights, and journalists’ organisations strongly condemn the latest incident of judicial harassment against journalist Barış Pehlivan and reiterate calls to the Turkish authorities to respect media freedom.

26 Jul

Turkey: International groups condemn detention of journalists in Ankara, Diyarbakır, İstanbul, and İzmir

We strongly condemn Turkey’s detention of T24 editor Sibel Yükler, Mezopotamya Agency (MA) reporters Delal Akyüz and Fırat Can Arslan, bianet editor Evrim Kepenek and freelance journalist Evrim Deniz on July 25.

28 Jun

EU must prioritise media freedom reforms and human rights in relations with Turkey

The undersigned organisations call on the incoming Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union to place media freedom and human rights front and centre of relations with the newly re-elected Government of Turkey.

20 Jun

Turkey: International groups condemn attack against journalist Sinan Aygül

ECPMF joins media freedom, freedom of expression and human rights organisations in strongly condemning the appalling attack on journalist Sinan Aygül that took place in Tatvan, a city in eastern Turkey, on June 17.

3 May

Report Launch: “Turkey: Throttling the Media in Crucial Election Year”

As Turkey prepares for presidential and parliamentary elections, press freedom and human rights groups demand that, whoever forms the next government, unwinding a decade of restrictions on media freedom must be a central priority for the country.

25 Apr

Turkey: International groups demand release of Kurdish journalists, lawyers, political party officials

On 25 April, coordinated dawn raids in Turkey targeted homes and offices of 126 people including journalists, lawyers, rights defenders, political activists and artists in 21 provinces, based on unclear charges.

20 Apr

Turkey: Protect end-to-end encrypted services

The undersigned CSOs and companies urge the Turkish BTK to ensure that the right to secure and private communications, including end-to-end encrypted communications are protected.

13 Apr

Turkey: Broadcast regulator must stop punishing critical reporting ahead of elections

We call on Turkey's broadcast regulator (RTÜK) to immediately stop fining broadcasters for their critical reporting.

12 Oct

Turkey: Nine press freedom and journalism groups to examine media freedom crisis in build up to 2023 elections

A coalition of international journalism, press freedom and human rights groups will carry out a three-day mission to Turkey to investigate serious, continued threats to independent journalism in the country.

6 Oct

International Press Freedom Groups Condemn Turkey Disinformation Bill Placed before Parliament

A group of international media freedom, freedom of expression and journalists’ organisations today called on Turkish Members of Parliament (MPs)MPs to vote against down the bill on “disinformation and fake news".