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19 Mar

New laws, SLAPPS and libel tourism threaten media freedom

10 Mar

Op-ed: The Attack on Media Freedom in Poland Clears Way For an All-Out Assault on Fundamental EU Values

4 Dec

The European Democracy Action Plan

Democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights are the foundations on which the European Union is based.

1 Dec

Proposal for an EU Anti-SLAPP law

Protecting public watchdogs across the EU: non-governmental organisations drafted a proposal for a an EU-wide anti-SLAPP directive.

16 Nov

People from across the EU need to be protected from SLAPPs

1 Oct

ECPMF urges action upon publication of the first EU Annual Rule of Law Report

ECPMF as part of the Media Freedom Rapid Response, welcomes the publication of the first EU Annual Rule of Law Report, and we appreciate that a number of the concerns we raised in the preparatory phase have been taken into account. 

15 Sep

ECPMF sign joint statement issuing 5 demands for an ambitious European Democracy Action Plan

Democracies in Europe have been faced with numerous challenges over the past decade, including increasing political polarisation, closing democratic space, increased mass surveillance, popular disillusionment with representative politics and democratic institutions, and increasingly assertive authoritarian global players. There is widespread recognition of the fact that democracy is under pressure across the world.

28 Jul

MFRR Open Letter: Dismissal and resignations at Hungary’s largest news site after EU Summit create a moment of alarming symbolism

Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) partners are profoundly concerned about the latest media freedom attacks in Hungary, which follow only days after the EU Summit, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán praised the rule of law situation in his country.

23 Jul

MPM2020: Media in Europe face multiple threats, new Media Pluralism Monitor shows

The 2020 Media Pluralism Monitor confirms mounting harassment against journalists, media outlets face increasing economic uncertainty, as online media sphere fails to reinforce pluralism.

25 Jun

Stop use of SLAPPs: International organisations and journalist bodies express concern about legal threats against EUobserver

Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) partners, journalist bodies, free expression and journalist support organisations are concerned about the legal threats made against EUobserver in Luxembourg and Belgium and call to stop the use of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) actions across Europe. Left unreformed, such legal threats will be sufficient to silence media workers and outlets. We stand in solidarity with EUobserver and will continue to monitor developments around the case.