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Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media – Call for Nominations


20 January 2023

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Every year, the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig public savings bank awards its “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” which is endowed with €20,000.


The prize is intended for distinguished journalists, publishers, and media institutions from around the world that are committed to the cause of protecting and expanding freedom of the press, and in doing so display a willingness to take risks, great personal commitment, persistence, courage and a firm belief in democracy.


Ruling elites in many countries around the world use dubious media laws, pressure on journalists and publishers, paternalism in radio and television, and state censorship as instruments of power. As well as this, processes of economic concentration and self-censorship endanger the plurality of expression and are an obstacle to independent reporting. Journalists themselves bow to the dictates of shareholders and compromise their credibility by publishing too quickly. The previous prize winners resisted these threats and temptations. It is the aim of the Leipzig Media Foundation to embolden the spirits of them and others.


Normally, the award ceremony takes place on 8 October every year, on the eve of 9 October that was crucial for the events in the fall of 1989. The jury consisting of the members of Foundation Council and Foundation Board decides on the award of the prize. We are awaiting your suggestions. Please notify us with a brief informal reasoning and a vita of your candidate.


The deadline for nominations is 28 February 2023.

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