08 December 2021

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How Shipping Contributes To The Climate Crisis – Black Trail – IJ4EU Podcast Episode #1

The IJ4EU has launched the first podcast dedicated to cross-border investigative journalism.


Listen to the stories behind IJ4EU-funded investigations, from the journalists who worked on them: how they came across their investigation’s subject matter, built a cross-border team to pursue it, progressed the story, overcame obstacles they faced, and created impact. 


In our first episode, we look back at Black Trail, an agenda-setting investigation into the relationship between two truly cross-border topics: shipping and climate change. The team behind this investigation, spanning from the Arctic Circle’s melting ice caps to Lisbon’s mega port, focused on how the IMO – the International Maritime Organization, a UN agency, is failing to appropriately regulate ships’ carbon emissions. The documentary also shows how shipping continues to burn the dirtiest of all transport fuels and why ship emissions are responsible for more than 50,000 deaths a year in Europe, driving up cancer rates in Mediterranean port cities.


What’s particularly unique about this investigation is that it’s a television documentary. Most cross-border investigations are journalists working together but ultimately producing different pieces of content for their own audiences. This investigation brought together all the footage, from all the partners, and created a television documentary that could be watched by a combined audience of all the outlets and beyond.


  • Host: Barney Weston (Event Manager, ECPMF)
  • Executive Producers: ECPMF, IPI, EJC
  • Editor: Barney Weston
  • Sound Engineer & Mixing: Gerd Marczinzik
  • Content Producer: Barney Weston
  • Digital Producer: Barney Weston, Javier Luque Martinez (Head of Digital Communications, IPI)

IJ4EU stands for Investigative Journalism for Europe, and is run by a consortium of partners. The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) and the European Journalism Centre are led by the International Press Institute (IPI).


The IJ4EU primarily awards grants to cross-border investigations, but they also run the #UNCOVERED conference and the IJ4EU Impact Award – supporting cross-border investigative journalism.

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