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16 Apr

Court decides police were wrong to refuse journalist accreditation for political event

By Jane Whyatt – 16.04.2019 The High Court in London has ruled that police wrongly classed a political reporter as a security risk because he was present when activists released […]

4 Apr

Twenty years after the murder of Serbian journalist Slavko Ćuruvija, the trial ends

By Renata Rat – 04.04.2019 It was Easter Sunday April 11th, 1999. The NATO bombs started falling on Serbia a month ago. Slavko Ćuruvija and his partner return home from Easter […]

12 Mar

Victory! EU directive finally protects whistleblowers

20 Mar

ECPMF legal aid in 2017: from Turkey to Azerbaijan and Italy

20.03.2018 The ECPMF offers and coordinates legal support on matters related to free speech for individuals and organisations working in countries located in Europe. Threats to the life, safety, wellbeing […]

6 Mar

Media freedom organisations and MEPs back new anti-SLAPP law

By Emil Weber – 06.03.2018 Six members of the European Parliament have called on the European Commission (EC) to swiftly initiate legislation to protect investigative journalism in Europe. The cross […]

3 Jan

Albanian Journalist: “Hopefully the wheels of justice will grind fine in the end”

By Emil Weber – 03.01.2018 Every month, Albanian investigative journalists Mr. Besar Likmeta and Ms. Aleksandra Bogdani appear in court in a defamation case initiated by a powerful judge and […]

13 Dec

“Someone took ten years of my life” – Montenegrin journalist

By Emil Weber – 13.12.2017 The Montenegrin investigative journalist, Mr Tufik Softić, has recently been awarded 7,000 euros by the Constitutional Court of Montenegro for the moral harm caused by […]

6 Nov

Romania: ECPMF helps Active Watch to oppose new draft law

By Mira Swaminathan – 06.11.2017 A new draft law was introduced in Romania in October 2017 that threatens the independence of the national news agency, Agerpres. The ECPMF is supporting ActiveWatch […]

2 Nov

Why we need a EU framework for the protection of whistleblowers

By Marzia Bona – 02.11.2017 On October 24th, 2017, the European Parliament voted an important – although not binding – report on the need for a EU framework for the protection […]