Tag Statement
20 Sep

Call for Italian political forces to take a stand against SLAPPs

A group of media freedom and journalists' organisations have published a statement outlining a list of measures that must be adopted in order to protect SLAPP victims in Italy.

16 Sep

Joint Statement on the Proposal for the European Media Freedom Act

ECPMF has joined a group of journalists’, media freedom, and human rights organisations to welcome the European Commission's initiative to strengthen the free and pluralistic media system and the commitment to protect journalists and editorial independence within the European Union through the publication of the European Media Freedom Act.

9 Sep

Turkey: Solidarity with twenty journalists including TGS leadership blacklisted by police

The partner organisations of the MFRR express solidarity with the twenty journalists blacklisted by the Turkish General Directorate of Security (EGM) for their writing and join Turkey’s Journalists Union (TGS) in denouncing an apparent attempt to intimidate independent journalists and trade unionists.

24 Aug

Ukraine: MFRR partners reiterate call for safety and support of media 6 months after invasion 

To mark 6 months since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the day of Ukrainian Independence, partners of the MFRR reiterate continued solidarity with the journalists and media workers who risk their lives and safety to bring the world independent and accurate information from the frontline.

17 Aug

Germany: Misuse of funds at RBB highlights need for greater accountability in publicly funded media

The partners of the MFRR denounce the misuse of public funds by Patricia Schlesinger, former director of Berlin’s public broadcaster RBB. We welcome her instant dismissal while demanding a thorough investigation and call for improved accountability in publicly funded media.

9 Aug

Joint statement in support of The Shift News as it faces a freedom of information battle with the government of Malta

ECPMF has joined the undersigned free expression, press freedom, and journalists’ organisations in expressing support for The Shift News as it faces an all-out legal battle against 40 freedom of information (FOI) lawsuits brought by 40 government entities in Malta.

8 Aug

Serbia: REM’s awarding of TV licences underscores media pluralism and media diversity failure

Partners of the MFRR have expressed concern about the Serbian Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM)'s decision to award TV licenses to media outlets all supportive of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party.

4 Aug

Poland: Ombudsman must appeal acquisition of newspaper by state-controlled oil company

Partners of the MFRR have written to Marcin Wiącek, Polish Human Rights Ombudsman, expressing concern at his decision to refrain from appealing the acquisition of regional newspaper publisher Polska Press by PKN Orlen, a state-controlled media company.

28 Jul

Malta: Public Inquiry report recommendations must be implemented

ECPMF has joined a group of organisations to express concern at the lack of implementation of the recommendations of the milestone Public Inquiry into the assassination of Malta’s leading investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, one year on from the Inquiry's publication.

19 Jul

Hungary: Media freedom groups welcome EU court referral over Klubrádió frequency

The partner organisations of the MFRR today welcome the resounding exoneration of four Greek journalists and publishers who faced criminal charges and potential lengthy prison sentences linked to their media outlets’ investigative reporting.