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9 Apr

Letter to Croatian and Monegasque governments: Protect Jonathan Taylor from being extradited

18 Jan

Extradition proceedings against Jonathan Taylor must end!

Numerous organisations call on the Croatian and Monegasque authorities to immediately and unconditionally end the extradition proceedings against whistleblower Jonathan Taylor.

13 Nov

A call on UK authorities to intervene on behalf of whistleblower Jonathan Taylor, stuck in Croatia

Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) partners, whistleblowing, human rights and transparency organisations, are concerned that without intervention by the government of the United Kingdom, whistleblower and British citizen Jonathan Taylor may be stuck in Croatia fighting extradition to Monaco for many more months. 

21 Aug

Protection des lanceurs d’alerte: annulez le mandat d’arrêt de Jonathan Taylor!

Nous réitérons notre appel aux autorités de Monaco d’abandonner les poursuites à l’encontre de Jonathan Taylor, et de l’autoriser à rentrer chez lui sans délai

14 Aug

MFRR partners call on Monaco to withdraw arrest warrant on oil industry whistleblower Jonathan Taylor

Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) partners, media protection, human rights, transparency and whistleblowing support organisations, alongside international jurists call on Monaco to immediately withdraw the arrest warrant that led to SBM Offshore whistleblower Jonathan Taylor being arrested in Dubrovnik airport.