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1 Feb

Kosovo: Government should withdraw highly problematic media law changes

We call on the Prime Minister of Kosovo to withdraw the Draft Law on the Independent Media Commission (IMC) from the Assembly of Kosovo and make the necessary changes in accordance with the standards of the Council of Europe and the OSCE.

8 Aug

ECPMF express concern about Kosovo’s banning of Serbian reporter Svetlana Vukmirovic

ECPMF has joined a groups of 11 civil society organisations in writing to the Kosovo authorities to express concern about the case of journalist Svetlana Vukmirovic, who has been denied entry to Kosovo in order to carry out her work on multiple occasions since 2018.

3 Aug

Media freedom groups welcome Klan Kosova court injunction decision

We welcome the court injunction staying the revocation of the business licence Klan Kosova, an important legal ruling which blocks an effort by the government to shut down the country’s largest private television channel.

12 Jul

Media freedom groups call for Klan Kosova business certificate issue to be resolved

ECPMF calls for the updated business certificate of Klan Kosova to be accepted by the complaint committee and that all attempts by the Kosovo government to pressure the broadcaster are halted immediately.

19 Jun

Civil society and journalists associations urge the Council to protect journalists against spyware and surveillance in the EMFA

ECPMF joins sixty civil society and journalists organisations in expressing concerns over the draft Regulation on the EMFA, in particular the provisions of Article 4 on spyware and surveillance.

16 Jun

Kosovo: Media freedom groups raise alarm over Klan Kosova business certificate suspension

ECPMF joins media freedom groups in raising alarm over the Kosovo authorities’ decision to suspend the business certificate of major private television broadcaster, Klan Kosova.

2 Jun

Law enforcement must protect journalists amidst escalating tensions in northern Kosovo

At ECPMF, we are highly concerned about the recent wave of violent attacks on journalists in Kosovo, which has been the most intense in the country’s recent history.

1 Jun

MFRR and SJN express deep concern over attacks on media workers in Kosovo

The current political developments in Kosovo have once again stirred up an atmosphere that hinders the ability of journalists to carry out their responsibilities with credibility and without obstacles.

3 Feb

Kosovo: Joint letter to the Prime Minister Albin Kurti on RTK appointment

The Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) and the Safe Journalists Network condemn the shocking physical attack on Albanian journalist Elvis Hila and his wife.

28 Dec

Kosovo: ECPMF and EFJ welcome new support for Afghan journalists

In collaboration with the Government of Kosovo, EFJ and AJK, ECPMF will host five journalists fleeing persecution in Afghanistan.