Joseph Oduha

(journalist, South Sudan | JiR in 2021)


„With due respect and honour, I write this short note to convey my deepest gratitude to European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) for the marvelous support extended to me. In fact, the fellowship offered by ECPMF has help me to regain my momentum in the journalism profession after years of living in distress as a result of my work. I have been living in constant fear throughout, even after fleeing the country to come to Europe. After surviving all the horrors perpetuated by the authorities in my country – South Sudan – I was left with another enemy called “stress” that has nearly developed into trauma, a situation that could force one to commit suicide. When I recalled the tribulations I have gone through back home, sometimes my senses become muted. However, I am extremely happy that I have learned a lot from my ECPMF fellowship and I am confident that my mind is restored. I have heard the same stories from the other fellows who I was with under the same ECPMF fellowship and I concluded that we journalists are facing the same problems globally. While attending a therapy session during the fellowship, I have learned that “resilience” is a pillar of the journalism profession. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the wonderful job you’re doing to protect and defend media freedom worldwide. Once again, thanks to ECPMF and all the staff of the organisation and also to my other colleagues who received the same fellowship.”