Anna Artemyeva

(photojournalist from Russia, JiR in 2020)


„After a six month stay in the wonderful city of Leipzig, I’m returning to my career – I fell in love with journalism again – renewed, inspired and excited.
No matter how desperate and traumatised you were – ECPMF’s Journalists-in-Residence Programme brings you back to life and helps you to replenish your professional enthusiasm. It is cleverly put together in order to provide everything that a journalist in trouble can’t afford or cannot do for various reasons. Useful master-classes, safe and comfortable accommodation, professional psychotherapy, the Leipzig atmosphere activities and all work together in a great way. And the most valuable thing you get is time for a well-deserved and much needed break.
The care, hospitality and everyday support from ECPMF’s brilliant staff make your recovery happen.
A lot of my colleagues’ careers could have been saved if there were programmes of this kind in my own country.
The Journalists-in-Residence Programme is a great gift that replenishes your resources.
By the end of my stay in Leipzig exhaustion and despair were replaced by brand new ideas, renewed curiosity and enthusiasm.
It has been a life-changing experience that transformed me positively – the one I shall never forget.”