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26 Jun

Media Freedom Mission to Romania questions fairness of electoral coverage

MFRR, after completing a mission to Bucharest, concluded that much of the media coverage of Romania’s electoral campaigns is seriously compromised by political capture.

30 May

Romania: Super election year calls for press freedom assessment

A coalition of media freedom organisations will conduct a mission to Bucharest on 17-18 June 2024 to assess key challenges amid Romania’s super election year.

4 Apr

Report: Media Freedom in Romania Ahead of Super Election Year

Amidst Romania’s Super Election Year, the MFRR unveils a report delving into the pressing issues surrounding media freedom in the country.

22 Jan

Romania: MFRR to conduct media freedom mission ahead of super electoral year

The Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) will conduct a mission to Romania to take the pulse of the current state of press freedom and independent journalism as the country gears up for a super electoral year in 2024.

7 Nov

Media freedom groups dismayed at the abrupt closure of investigation into smear campaign against Romanian journalist

Journalists and media freedom groups today expressed dismay at the decision of Romania’s Prosecutor Office at the Bucharest Court of Appeal to close the investigation into the smear campaign against journalist Emilia Șercan.

26 Oct

Media freedom groups demand renewed investigation into crimes against Romanian journalist Emilia Șercan

In an open letter to the Romanian General Prosecutor ECPMF and seven other journalists and media freedom organisations have condemned the negligent and error-strewn investigation into the crimes committed against journalist Emilia Șercan.

17 Feb

Romania: Renewed call for action after fresh smear campaign against Emilia Șercan

The partners of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) renew a call on the Romanian authorities to prioritise their investigation into the alleged leak of Emilia Șercan's stolen pictures from within the police force.

28 Jun

Media freedom groups concerned by delay in investigation into leak of Emilia Șercan’s stolen photos

ECPMF joined a collection of media freedom and freedom of expression groups to express concern at delays to the investigation into the publication of Romanian journalist Emilia Șercan’s stolen photos and the alleged leak of key elements of the investigation into this offense. 

13 Apr

Publication of stolen pictures of Emilia Șercan and leak from criminal investigation must be investigated swiftly and independently

Organisations in the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) and partners are disturbed by the harassment of journalist Emilia Șercan through the publication of her private pictures and the alleged leak from the criminal investigation into the matter.

21 Sep

Romania: Filmmakers badly beaten while shooting documentary on illegal logging

The undersigned partners of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) today express serious concern over the brutal beating of two filmmakers who were shooting a documentary about illegal logging in Romania and call on the country’s prosecutor general and law enforcement authorities to ensure all those responsible are swiftly brought to justice.