Nazeeha Saeed


“I have been a journalist for around 24 years. I started journalism very early in my life, and I was interested in knowing and writing. I realised more and more the importance of my job, especially in changing narratives, fighting hate speech, and giving voice to the voiceless.


What makes me a good journalist is trying to be neutral as much as I can. I left my country in 2016 because I was not allowed to be a journalist there anymore. I left to continue my work. Being a journalist outside my country was not easy. I needed to create new contacts, find a new way to work, and develop languages and skills to help me in my job. Being a journalist, you always face challenges – especially if you want to be a good one – such as freedom of speech in the country you are covering or living in, the language, financial troubles, and more. I still need more networking, more contacts, so I can continue my work, so I can be a good journalist in Germany as well.”


Photos: Hamza Qabbani

Professional biography

  • Profession: Online and podcast journalist
  • Position: Reporter/correspondent
  • Focus area: Politics, culture, human rights, and gender
  • Country of origin: Bahrain
  • Publication languages: Arabic, English