Liubou Kaspiarovich

(Journalist from Belarus, JiR in 2021)


„Thanks to the Journalists-in Residence programme I found everything that I needed at that time: a safe space, real support, and enough time to think about how to deal with my professional life in the near future.
I came to Germany after losing my job and being in prison, knowing that some of my colleagues are now still there. I was frustrated and almost devastated, I didn’t know how to help them and stop this injustice. This programme brought me back to life and empowered me to not give up on journalism. On the contrary, now I’m full of ideas and have the energy to implement them in my work. And an even more valuable thing is that this programme and the everyday work of ECPMF’s staff shows you that journalism and journalists are important for them, and there is an organisation that proves it with its actions. It is priceless.
After three safe months I’m renewed, inspired by the people I had the luck to meet, full of the professional passion I almost lost, and thankful to ECPMF for the real support. Its work brings back my faith in journalism.“

Photos: ECPMF / Andreas Lamm