Kateryna Bachynska

(Journalist from Ukraine, JiR in 2023)


“I am grateful to ECPMF for becoming a source of help for me during the war in Ukraine. With their support, I was able to continue working, learning, and improving as a journalist. I find it very important during such a difficult time. The programme provides a sense of safety, and the programme’s supervisors are incredibly supportive during tough times. For me, psychological support and language learning became very important during my six-month stay in Germany. The war once again showed that truth and access to information are important components of a journalist’s work. I am grateful to the ECPMF team for their support, assistance, and the opportunity to attend training for journalists. This is truly important and useful, as new knowledge and opportunities enable journalists to look at the world, politics, and societal problems in a new way and inform people.”


Photos: Andreas Lamm, ECPMF