Ayşegül Başar

(journalist, Turkey | JiR in 2021)


„Leipzig provides an incredible atmosphere of peace to get away from the pressured environment you are exposed to just because of doing your job and to take a breath or two. The journalism profession is incredibly busy and stressful, as well as having political risks. ECPMF allowed me to get out of this pressure and stressful intense pace and get away a little bit. Getting away from everything for a while and stopping work has taught me a lot. I felt more secure and at peace than ever before in these streets that I had never known. After relaxing my mind and taking a deep breath, I regained my productivity. Thanks to the workshops provided by the institution, I received many learning points that are professionally useful and that we could not learn even in our university communication faculties.
At the end of this visit, I feel fitter and more hopeful. Although I only got to know Leipzig for a short time, this city will be one of the cities that I will miss from time to time. Knowing that somebody is doing something for journalists and the free press and experiencing it in person will always give me strength.”