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15 Dec

Maltese court fails to protect press freedom: Gafà acquitted for threats to journalist

ECPMF as part of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) condemns today’s court ruling in the criminal proceedings against Neville Gafà for threats he made on Twitter against Italian journalist Nello Scavo.

1 Oct

ECPMF urges action upon publication of the first EU Annual Rule of Law Report

ECPMF as part of the Media Freedom Rapid Response, welcomes the publication of the first EU Annual Rule of Law Report, and we appreciate that a number of the concerns we raised in the preparatory phase have been taken into account. 

29 Sep

ECPMF and partner organisations call on Turkish authorities to amend laws which have led to arrests of many journalists

We call on Turkey to immediately amend counter-terrorism laws in line with international standards, ensuring “terrorist acts” are defined in a precise and narrow manner.

14 Aug

ECPMF and other international organisations call on Belarusian authorities to stop their oppression of journalists and media freedom

We call on Belarusian authorities to stop attacking, detaining and demonising journalists and media workers and work towards meaningful protections for media freedom

7 Aug

Media in Turkey: a testing ground of censorship and control

Turkey is currently the largest prison for journalists in the world, with over 80 media workers in detention. The Turkish parliament has now passed a law that gives the government more control over social networks. This article analyses the situation of the Turkish media.

23 Jul

MPM2020: Media in Europe face multiple threats, new Media Pluralism Monitor shows

The 2020 Media Pluralism Monitor confirms mounting harassment against journalists, media outlets face increasing economic uncertainty, as online media sphere fails to reinforce pluralism.