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24 Feb

One year of war: Support for journalists in Ukraine

At times like these, we need journalists and media workers more than ever. With that, they need support more than ever. Since Russia's invasion, we have offered practical support to journalists from Ukraine.

28 Dec

Kosovo: ECPMF and EFJ welcome new support for Afghan journalists

In collaboration with the Government of Kosovo, EFJ and AJK, ECPMF will host five journalists fleeing persecution in Afghanistan.

24 Nov

“The evidence of crimes done by the Russian forces will become the textbook of Ukraine’s recent history” – Interview with a Ukrainian Journalist in Residence.

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with JiR fellows, we interviewed a Ukrainian journalist who is now in exile in Leipzig.

16 May

“Moscow wants us to shut up and not tell the truth” – Interview with Ukrainian JiR Kristina Zelenyuk

Kristina Zelenyuk is a Ukrainian journalist with over ten years' experience. She currently works with the TV Channel 1+1 and the website TSN, one of Ukraine’s biggest media outlets. Kristina is currently participating in ECPMF's Journalist-in-Residence programme in Leipzig. 

19 Nov

Journalist-in-Residence programme in Milan kicks off

MFRR Journalist-in-Residence (JiR) programme in Milan has officially starts