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24 Mar

Behind the Lens in Belarus: Documenting the Fight for Democracy

To mark International Day of Solidarity with Belarus, we spoke to a Belarusian photojournalist about the country’s future, connecting with audiences in exile, documenting human rights abuses, and what needs to be done to truly show solidarity with Belarus.

9 Aug

“The most important thing in working abroad is to deliver truthful information” – Reporting on Belarus in 2022

To mark the second anniversary of fraudulent elections in Belarus, we spoke to journalist Tatsiana Ashurkevich about her first-hand experience of media freedom's suppression in Belarus, reporting on her home country from abroad, and what the future holds for Belarussian media.

16 Jun

“You can’t write anything without considering the war, because the war changed everything” – Interview with Ukrainian journalist Maria Grynevych

Maria Grynevych is a Ukrainian journalist and Chief Editor of the news agency Socportal. She has been displaced since the start of the war in Ukraine. Maria is currently participating in ECPMF’s Journalist-in-Residence programme in Leipzig.

16 May

“Moscow wants us to shut up and not tell the truth” – Interview with Ukrainian JiR Kristina Zelenyuk

Kristina Zelenyuk is a Ukrainian journalist with over ten years' experience. She currently works with the TV Channel 1+1 and the website TSN, one of Ukraine’s biggest media outlets. Kristina is currently participating in ECPMF's Journalist-in-Residence programme in Leipzig. 

30 Mar

“We always need solidarity” – Interview with independent Turkish journalist Metin Cihan

An interview with Metin Cihan, Turkish social media journalist and former ECPMF JiR, on the challenges of reporting in Turkey and continuing his work in exile.

9 Feb

В Беларуси 33 журналиста находятся в тюрьме – рассказываем, кто они и за что были задержаны.

7 Feb

In Belarus, 33 journalists remain imprisoned. This is who they are and why they were detained.

Belarus ranked 158th in the 2021 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. This is the most dangerous country in Europe for journalists.

13 Jan

“In Leipzig I felt very safe. I had time to think.” – Ayşe Düzkan, ECPMF Journalist-in-Residence

25 Nov

Violence in the field, discrimination at the workplace: Being a woman or LGBTI+ journalist in Turkey