Pazhman Pzhohesh


Published 28 September 2023

Pazhman Pzhohesh is a skilled investigative reporter who has more than seven years of rich professional experience from national and international media perspectives. Her work has consistently demonstrated a commitment to truth, transparency, and the highest ethical standards in journalism. Her multifaceted abilities, such as investigative reporting, multimedia reporting, video journalism, and photojournalism, allow her to craft stories that are as visually accurate as they are factual, providing audiences with a comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand.

From 2014 to 2019, she worked as a reporter with National and international media. At the end of 2019, she joined the World Health Organization to make a comprehensive documentary on the COVID-19 pandemic. After finishing her mission she joined the United Nations Development program and worked as a communications officer until the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Currently, she is passionately devoted to human rights advocacy, a pursuit she exploring through the Elisabeth-Selbert-Initiative program and the German Federal Foreign Office. Her research is focused on critical areas such as migration, human rights, gender, and gender discrimination. She believes that journalism has a significant role to play in illuminating these issues

Beyond her professional life, she a creative spirit with a love for the written word. She is an accomplished poet and a writer of short stories, crafting narratives that explore the human condition in all its complexity.

She wrote a collection of stories called “Wednesdays” which focuses on the lives of two lovers who live far from each other.

Her interest in writing not only enriches her personal life but also invigorates her journalistic work, encouraging her to seek out and tell the stories that others might overlook.


Photo credits: Hafizullah Hasif

Professional biography

  • Profession: Newspaper, television, and mobile/social media journalist
  • Position: Reporter and correspondent
  • Focus area: Culture, politics, and human rights
  • Country of origin: Afghanistan
  • Publication languages: Persian and English