Olga Konsevych


Published 11 December 2023

I was born and raised in Kyiv, and work with different media outlets in Ukraine and abroad for 11 years now. I guess my story is a testament to the enduring power of journalism and its ability to be resilient even in times of great change.


My career began as a reporter, a storyteller navigating the dynamic landscape of news projects across Ukraine. But it was the pivotal year of 2014 as the Revolution of Dignity swept across Ukraine, and I felt an urgent need to provide a comprehensive view of these historic events. I joined forces with activists and representatives of non-governmental organisations, determined to amplify voices and promote civic journalism.


Fast forward to 2022, my life underwent a seismic shift. Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine compelled me to reevaluate the purpose of my profession and my own mission. For nearly three years, I had served as the editor-in-chief of 24 Channel, but the crisis in the media market changed a lot. Forced to evacuate to Germany, I found a new journalistic home at Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin, joined a lot of other initiatives as a freelance journalist as well.


My focus expanded to encompass critical issues such as human rights in occupied territories, environmental challenges, and the relentless battle against misinformation in the age of Russia’s information warfare. But my vision stretches far beyond borders; I am steadfast in my mission to elevate media literacy and journalism standards, not only in Ukraine but across the European landscape.


In 2023, I obtained a mini MBA in Sustainability and Media Management from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. My philosophy centres on progressive strategies for media development, emphasising the role of digital solutions, unwavering editorial standards, and the cultivation of audience trust through explanatory journalism and investigative reporting.


Throughout this journey, Germany’s robust institutions and engaged citizenry have played a pivotal role, serving as a wellspring of inspiration and support during tumultuous times. Their commitment reinforces my belief in the enduring influence of journalism as a catalyst for positive change, justice, and progress in our unstable world.


Photos #1 & #2: Valya Polishchuk

Photos #3 & #4: Mariya Bulannaya

Professional biography

  • Profession: Newspaper, television, news agency, and online journalist
  • Position: Editor, researcher, and reporter
  • Focus area: Economy, politics, science
  • Areas of expertise: Tackling online disinformation, fact-checking, investigations, international affairs
  • Country of origin: Ukraine
  • Publication languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian