ECPMF’s Helpdesk is our central tool for responding to the individual needs of journalists at risk or under threat. We support media professionals across Europe in order to provide safety in emergency cases and assist exiled journalists in Germany.

Emergency Assistance

for EU member and candidate states

In co-operation with Free Press Unlimited we provide support for:


  • medical & psychological assistance
  • living expenses
  • work provisions and equipment replacement
  • family support
  • preventative safety measures


for practicing media professionals, living in a EU member or candidate state, who are in an emergency situation as a result of their journalistic work.

We offer guidance and financial support regarding:


  • professional development (internships in media outlets, journalistic training and workshops)
  • legal advice
  • psychological support
  • security precautions (also for exiled media outlets)


for exiled journalists in Germany.

Women's Reporting Point

Gender-based violence is an important topic for journalists, too: female media workers are the most likely targets of (online) harassment that is exerted to silence their voices, enforce self-censorship, challenge gender equality and denigrate women.

ECPMF’s Women’s Reporting Point aims to deepen a gender-specific aspect of the safety of journalists and encourages female media workers to report harassment they are subjected to or that they witness in their journalistic work.



Landline: +49 341 200 403 13


Encrypted email:  PGP-Key

Signal: +49 176 43839637


Women can reach out to female ECPMF staff by sending an E-Mail to 

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