LuxLeaks Whistleblower to Appeal the Guilty Verdict

Antoine Deltour successfully avoided jail but was found guilty of theft by a court in Luxemburg following the case known as LuxLeaks. This case related to the prosecution of two whistleblowers and a journalist for disclosing confidential documents from auditing firm PwC. The files showed how 340 multinational companies used secret tax deals to avoid paying into the public coffers.

LuxLeaks Whistleblower to Appeal the Guilty Verdict

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On June 29, the 12th chamber of the Criminal Court of Luxembourg sentenced Deltour to a suspended 12-month jail time and a 1,500 € fine. He has now announced that he is appealing the decision.

Antoine Deltour expressed his deep gratitude to the many people and organisations who supported him during the hard times following his decision  to go public, according to his website.

“He regrets having to extend a costly and exhausting procedure. The support committee continues to stand alongside Antoine and remains confident that European law will eventually be considered.”

Deltour believes he should be acquitted based on the public interest of his actions. Initially he is exhausting national remedies before he can file a case at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

The ECtHR has already established clear standards according to which whistleblowers enjoy protection when they leak or disclose information due to public interest.

Deltour will be speaking at ECPMF annual conference to be held in Leipzig on 6 and 7 of October 2016 in Leipzig, Germany.

The conference panel “Recent Leaks: what have we learned so far regarding protection of sources and whistleblowing?” will address the recent trends on whistleblowing. It will be moderated by Gill Philips, Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian News & Media Limited, whereas Kristof Clerix, journalist from Knack and Dirk Voorhoof, media law professor will share their experience and expertise in this field.

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