Jailed journalist Deniz Yücel no longer in solitary confinement 

by Sophie Albers Ben Chamo

After 294 days, almost ten months in solitary confinement German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel who is jailed in Turkey was transferred to another cell complex in Silivri prison near Istanbul.

Deniz Yücel Deniz Yücel (Jouralistenwatch/Flickr)

Welt, the German newspaper Yücel is working for quotes his lawyer saying that Yücel's cell now shares a tiny courtyard with two others. And in one of them another journalist is held: Oguz Usluer who worked for the Turkish daily Habertürk. They courtyard would be open to both of them during the day, it says.

Since he was incarcerated in February 2017 Yücel had no contact whatsoever with other prisoners. In an interview with the ECPMF Yücel's wife Dilek talked about this unbearable situation.

Please find here the article in the German daily Welt.

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