ECPMF launches Helpdesk to support journalists at risk

Leipzig, 2. October 2019: Today, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) launched a Helpdesk to support journalists and media professionals, at risk and under threat across Europe. The Helpdesk will especially offer practical assistance to journalists who are exiled in Germany. For instance, it will finance legal consultation when seeking asylum, including referrals to specialist lawyers. Through the Helpdesk, ECPMF will award micro-scholarships for internships and help to find suitable placements in media outlets in Germany. 



To further support the professional advancement of exiled journalists, training on topics related to digital security, secure communication, and access to information will be co-ordinated. The Helpdesk will finance reasonable security precautions, in order to protect editorial offices and journalists in Germany who are under immediate threat. It will also provide general guidance based on individual needs, and offer access to mental health specialists for traumatised media professionals. 

“Press and media freedom continues to deteriorate throughout Europe; many journalists have to flee their countries, as shown on our monitoring platform. With the launch of the Helpdesk ECPMF can contribute to supporting and protecting them,” said Lutz Kinkel, ECPMF’s Managing Director. Katrin Schatz, who will manage the Helpdesk, added: “Given the different threats that particularly women journalists face, the Helpdesk will provide the option for them to reach out to female staff members. This will encourage them to seek advice and support on sensitive issues, which will be addressed sufficiently and confidentially.”
Based in Leipzig, ECPMF works throughout Europe to promote press and media freedom. This initiative is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) and the State of Saxony.

More information on the Helpdesk can be accessed in both English and German:



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