Bulgaria: print and broadcast watchdogs merge to form new Ethical Committee

Rayna Nikolova

On 21 January 2015, twelve new members of the national Ethical Journalism Committee in Bulgaria began their work.

The members of the committee were elected by the Board of Founders of the “National Council on Journalistic Ethics” foundation, which includes representatives of some of the most influential media organisations in Bulgaria – The Association of Bulgarian broadcasters – ABBRO, the Bulgarian Union of Publishers, the Media Development Centre.

The foundation was created in 2005 and to date there have been two operating committees – the ethical committee for printed media and the ethical committee for electronic media. After analysing the ways in which self-regulation has been exercised up to now, considering the development of the media environment during the past nine years and holding consultations with representatives of the journalistic guild and media experts, the Board of Founders has concluded that from now on it shall be more effective for all complaints to be reviewed by a single committee with wider media and professional representation.

An invitation to nominate members of the committee was sent out to more than 500 media, media organizations and journalistic societies.

The "National Council on Journalistic Ethics" foundation is convinced that operating in a uniform Ethics committee with proven experts, such as the elected members, best meets the requirements of the multiplatform media environment.

The newly elected Ethical Committee is the most authoritative and suitable platform for the application of standards in electronic, printed and internet media.

Rayna Nikolova, New Bulgarian University

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