FoX-Grant: Tell your story about violations of freedom of expression

In cooperation with its partner organisation, the ECPMF is happy to announce the second call for applications for the FoX-Grant. With € 15.000 in total, the grant wants to enable European journalists to tell their stories about violations of freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression is threatened in many European countries and violations of media freedom occur more often than many people think. The majority remains unaware of this fact – because the violations to those freedoms remain invisible to them. The FoX-Grant wants to change this: FoX is short for freedom of expression – and ECPMF and want journalists from all over Europe to not only use but report about this freedom.

With € 15.000 in total (split to several journalistic projects), the grant supports journalists – both individuals or teams – living in Europe who want to investigate and publish a violation of freedom of expression. Often, journalists do not only know about such attacks, but experienced them themselves, for example when they are prevented from publishing a story. The grant can help them to tell their stories about violations of freedom of expression and media freedom which otherwise would remain veiled and undocumented.

Who can apply?

Apply for the FoX Grant

The application deadline is 21 September 2016, 11:59 p.m. Brussels time. The application needs to be handed in online. Please find the application form here.

More information can be found here.

Journalists living in Europe and who want to report a violation of freedom of expression in their country are able to apply for the FoX-grant. Both individuals and teams are eligible, whereas the application of teams is strongly encouraged.

Applicants need to hand in a CV, a brief description of the case they would like to investigate, a working hypothesis and working plan, a detailed budget and a letter of intent for publication by a European news platform (publication date possibly not later than January 2017).

The applications will be assessed by an independent jury appointed by and the ECPMF. Evaluation criteria can be found on the application website.