FoX grant – a tough choice for the jury

Eighteen teams of investigative journalists have applied for the Freedom of Expression grant offered by the Journalismfund as part of the ECPMF’s 2015-16 project. They come from thirteen different countries, and they are bidding for a total of 72,007 euros from the fund.


The grant aims to enable teams of reporters working across national borders to document and expose cases where media freedom has been violated, or journalists have been prevented from doing their jobs by censorship of intimidation. Applicants include freelancers, staff journalists and academics.

Country of origin of 2015 FoX grant applicants

To succeed, the entries must not only show that a press or media freedom violation has occurred but also get a report on it commissioned, to be published by January 2016 in a newspaper, TV, radio or online news portal.


Countries where press freedom is threatened predominate in the list, with bids from Turkey, Russia, Montenegro and Serbia as well as two from Spain and entries from across the Balkans, UK and Netherlands.

Rafael Njotea

Journalismfund’s Rafael Njotea says:

Mind you, these are countries where the applicants are living, not necessarily where the story plays (although I reckon most often those two will be the same)”


Now the jury must decide how the funds will be allocated. With such a large and varied field of entries, their task is a difficult one.

Country of origin of 2015 FoX grant applicants

Romania 3

Turkey 1

Montenegro 2

Serbia 1

Spain 2

Netherlands 1

UK 1

Finland 1

Russia 2

Bulgaria 1

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1

Kosovo 1

Croatia 1