The ECPMF’s Helpdesk: Guidance and practical support for journalists at risk

The Helpdesk is our central tool for responding to the individual needs of journalists at risk or under threat. We co-ordinate offers of support for media professionals across Europe and assist exiled journalists in Germany with:


Asylum is a right that is protected by the Constitution in Germany. Journalists fleeing from violence and persecution shall find protection in Germany.


Therefore, we finance the initial legal consultation for your asylum procedure and assist with referrals to lawyers, who specialise in asylum law.


Exiled journalists contribute to diverse reporting in German media outlets by bringing in new perspectives. We offer exiled journalists in Germany the opportunity to develop their professional skills through a micro-scholarship for an internship.


Each scholar is granted max. 3.000 € for a period of two or three months, depending on the individual situation.


We mediate trainings for exiled journalists in Germany. The subjects relate to digital security, digital self-defence, secure communication, multimedia journalism, mobile journalism, access to information, etc.


Every human being has inner resources to cope with strains and stress In the case of severe or long-lasting stress, symptoms like insomnia, difficult in concentration, anxiety or depression might arise. Through trauma therapy you can work through traumatic experiences and relieve the symptoms over the long term.


We finance psychological and trauma-therapeutic support for exiled journalists in Germany and help with referrals to mental health professionals according to your individual needs.


To protect editorial offices and journalists in Germany who are under immediate threat, we can finance reasonable security precautions. These precautions include:


  • Security guards to protect newsrooms for a certain period of time
  • Security measures for minimising risk
  • Short-term protection of journalists during research investigations


  • Documented journalistic work
  • German residence permit
  • At least two reference persons
  • For scholarships: work permit, academic degree, work experience, good knowledge of German

Please note: Due to limited funds and the large number of requests, we are not able to respond favourably to all applicants.


We provide general consultation and mediation to partner organisations.



  • Documented journalistic work
  • Current residence in a Member State of the Council of Europe
  • At least two reference persons
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