The ECPMF’s Helpdesk: Emergency response and practical support for exiled journalists in Germany

The ECPMF serves as a central platform for foreign and exiled media professionals. To respond to the individual needs of journalists at risk or under threat, we examine incoming help requests, give case-specific practical advice and co-ordinate and fund assistance efforts from third parties.

The Helpdesk can assist with the following matters:

Health care

Psychological / trauma-therapeutic support

We finance psychological and trauma-therapeutic support and help with quick referrals to mental health professionals according to your individual needs.

Special medical treatment

We can assist with securing special medical treatment, if indispensable and not covered by your health insurance.

Legal matters

To support legal matters that are directly linked to your risks as a journalist, we cover your initial legal consultation.

To receive further legal support please view (Legal Support)

Professional development


If you want to gain practical experience in the German media we will support your search for a suitable placement and link you with relevant stakeholders. We award micro-scholarships to cover your expenses for up to two months.


We provide and mediate trainings on topics related to digital security, digital self-defence, secure communication, multimedia, mobile journalism, access to information, etc.


To protect editorial offices and journalists in Germany who are under immediate threat, we offer reasonable precautions.

Please note:

Due to limited funds available, your request doesn’t automatically qualify you to receive funding. Each enquiry will be verified and reviewed individually to decide on the appropriate response.


  • Documented journalistic work
  • Current residence in Germany
  • Lack of resources and local consulting services
  • Immediate need for assistance


Women’s Day: Alarm Centre for Female Journalists under Threat Faced with growing evidence that more and more women journalists are menaced with gender-based violence and online threats, ECPMF has created a special Women’s Reporting Point to respond to this.

Female journalists are often subjected to different forms of violence than men: threats of rape or sexual and abusive comments tend to be gender-based and hit women more often. If you want to reach out to female ECPMF staff only, please contact: (All sensitive contents will remain confidential).

Helpdesk-support Supported countries

If you currently live in a Member State of the Council of Europe (see map below), we can refer you to relevant partner organisations and other third parties in Europe.

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