#newsocracy2: Media Ownership Concentration in Ireland and Europe

Tue 31st January 2017, Dublin, Ireland, 10.00 -15.30

Ireland is falling far below European standards for press and media freedom.  There is widespread concern at the implications for media diversity and plurality at the concentration of media ownership and a growing recognition that the ownership structure is a significant factor in undermining journalism and democracy.

This conference explores the implications for the work of journalists and places a focus on the difficulties they face where access to the media is restricted by concentration of ownership.

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) invites international stakeholders, politicians, unionist, academics and journalists, to talk about ownership structures and their implications on access to media, working conditions for journalists and the influence on news and public opinion.

Dr. Roderick Flynn from Dublin City University, author of the Media Pluralism Monitor Ireland, explains in a keynote the current status of media ownership and media pluralism in Ireland


  • The event is public.
  • No entrance fee.
  • Location: Irish Writers Centre, No. 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1


  • Lynn Boylan, MEP for Dublin, Sinn Féin/GUENGL, Ireland
  • Dr. Elda Brogi, Scientific Coordinator, CMPF/EUI, Italy
  • Dr. Tom Clonan, Security Analyst, The Irish Time, Dublin/Ireland
  • Seamus Dooley, General Secretary NUJ Ireland
  • Dr. Roderick Flynn, School of Communications, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Anton McCabe, investigative journalist, Northern Ireland
  • Catherine Murphy, TD, Social Democrats, Ireland
  • Gemma O’Doherty, investigative journalist, Ireland
  • Renate Schroeder, Director, European Federation of Journalists, Belgium
  • Olaf Steenfadt, Project Director Media Ownership Monitor (MOM), Reporters Without Borders, Germany
  • Nora Wehofsits, Advocacy Officer, European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, Germany


Tuesday, 31st January 2017

09.30-10.00 Arrival

10.00 Welcome by Jane Whyatt

10.05 Introduction to ECPMF by Nora Wehofsits

10.15 Keynote: Dr. Roderick Flynn presents the CPMF Media Pluralism Monitor Ireland


10:30 PANEL: Media ownership structures in Europe and Ireland

10.30 Catherine Murphey (TD): Political efforts and struggles to protect media ownership concentration.

Panel Debate

Panelists: Dr. Elda Brogi (CMPF), Lynn Boylan (MEP), Dr. Roderick Flynn (DCU)

Moderation: Jane Whyatt (ECPMF)

Topics: Media ownership structures in Europe and Ireland, effects of concentration of media ownership, legal opinion on Irish media ownership,


11.25 Coffee break


12:00 PANEL: What does media ownership concentration mean for journalists?

Panel Debate

Panelists: Séamus Dooley (NUJ), Renate Schroeder (EFJ), Olaf Steenfadt (Reporters Without Borders/MOM)

Moderation: Jane Whyatt (ECPMF)

Topics: Global Trends of Media Ownership: what does it mean for journalists. Union and NGOs efforts to protect media freedom against the background of a concentration of media ownership, Europe-wide solidarity for journalists.


12.45 Informal lunch, coffee and networking (1h)


13:45 PANEL: Personal testimonies from investigative journalists

13.45 Anton McCabe, on recent cases where media failed to expose wrongdoing on both sides of the Irish border

14.00 Dr. Tom Clonan on Power Relations Between Irish Journalists and 'Official' Sources

14.15 Gemma O’Doherty on difficulties faced by investigative journalists in Ireland

14.25 Gemma O’Doherty introducing a short extract (5-10min) from the documentary ‘Mary Boyle – the untold story’


14.35 Panel debate and Q&A

Panelists: Anton McCabe, Gemma O’Doherty, Dr. Tom Clonan.

Topic:How to support Irish investigative journalists?

Moderation: Jane Whyatt (ECPMF)


15:00 Closing remarks

Jane Whyatt (ECPMF)


15:15 END