The ECPMF Team


Dr Lutz Kinkel Dr Lutz Kinkel (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Dr. Lutz Kinkel

Managing Director

Lutz represents and manages the ECPMF. Lutz worked in German press for more than 20 years, giving special focus to the areas of politics and media. He was an editor at Spiegel-Online and and more recently head of the stern-online office in Berlin. He did his Masters degree at Hamburg University in history, politics and economics. His dissertation examines the life of Nazi film director Leni Riefenstahl. Lutz teaches journalism at the Akademie für Publizistik, Hamburg.

Stephanie Koch Stephanie Koch (photo: Anja Kunisch)

Stephanie Koch

Journalists-in-Residence Programme Manager

Stephanie manages the ECPMF’s “Journalists-in-Residence” programme and coordinates the ECPMF’s emergency response. Before joining the ECPMF team, she worked for domestic and international cultural institutions in the fields of project and event management, evaluation work, organisation of Artist-in-Residence programmes, and exhibition work. As a project manager, she supervised a research project on the European Capital of Culture programme and the monitoring of German entries. She received her academic education in Arts, Cultural Sciences and Cultural Policy at the University of Leipzig, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, and at the University of Hildesheim.

Hartwig Künkeler Hartwig Künkeler (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Hartwig Künckeler

Head of Finance

Hartwig has worked as a financial auditor since 1976 and has served on the board of BDO AG, one of Germany’s largest audit firms operating worldwide, from 1997 to 2007. Following his retirement, he started his own auditing business and provides counsel to various non-profit organisations. He holds a number of honorary positions and serves on the board of several associations and charitable foundations.

Flutura Kusari Dr. Flutura Kusari (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Flutura Kusari

Legal Advisor

Flutura leads the legal support programme and advocates with international organisations to improve legislation to defend freedom of expression. In addition, she advises journalists on pre- and post- publication legal matters such as defamation, access to information, contempt of court, and privacy. Previously, Kusari worked for various civil society organisations, including the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network and the Kosovar Stability Initiative on human rights, media, rule of law, and the judicial system. She holds a Ph.D. in Media Law from Ghent University, Belgium.

Andreas Lamm Andreas Lamm (photo: ECPMF/Trimborn)

Andreas Lamm

Art Director |  Deputy Managing Director

Andreas is an accomplished photographer, videographer and website designer who also lectures at the journalism department of the University of Leipzig. He is the ECPMF webmaster responsible for constantly updating the website and system admin and works closely with colleagues at the Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso in Rovereto, Italy, to synchronise the Resource Centre archive with the live front end of the website. Andreas is also responsible for all visual and graphic content and for corporate design. In addition he takes care of HR and supports the boards. Andreas gained his Magister Artium in Communication and Media Science, American Studies and Psychology.

Daniel Leon Dr. Daniel Leon (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Dr. Daniel Leon

Press and Communications Officer

Daniel is part of the ECPMF's press and communications team. He holds a doctorate in Global Studies from the University of Leipzig, and wrote about the political economy of violence in marginalised neighbourhoods of Caracas, Venezuela. He is also works on the business development of the English-language webzine The Leipzig Glocal. Before coming to Germany in 2013, Daniel completed a bachelor's in international relations from Florida International University and a master's in political science from The American University in Cairo.

Nico Matheis Nico Matheis (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Nico Matheis

Administrative Officer

Nico is in charge of financial, legal and HR matters concerning the ECPMF. As Administrative Officer he directly assists the Head of Finance. He holds a master’s degree in European Studies and has gained international work experience in Brussels for Deutsche Lufthansa AG and through working for the American Consulate General in Leipzig. Dedicated to numbers, Nico keeps track of the day-to-day bookkeeping and contract compliance. He communicates with the EU Commission and our other public funders on an operational level.

Ana Ribeiro Dr. Ana Ribeiro (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Dr. Ana Ribeiro

Press and Communications Officer

Ana carries out communications work including reaching out to and responding to inquiries by stakeholders, and editing articles, press releases and the ECPMF newsletter. She holds a Ph.D. in Global Studies from Leipzig University, an Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Global Studies from Roskilde and Wroclaw universities, and a bachelor’s in journalism from Florida International University. Before moving to Europe in 2010, she worked as a reporter for five years in U.S. newspapers. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the English-language web magazine The Leipzig Glocal.

Katrin Schatz

Katrin Schatz

Helpdesk Manager

Katrin is the face behind the ECPMF’s Helpdesk, which provides emergency response and practical assistance to foreign and exiled media professionals. Using individual case-by-case analyses, she gives advice, co-ordinates offers of help from third parties and provides flexible and sustainable support for journalists under threat.

Previously, Katrin was engaged with several local and international organisations focussing on intercultural collaboration. In Botswana she worked as the Programme Manager for an international NGO and organised various events for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation advocating for social democracy and economic development. Currently she supports organisations in Leipzig, working with refugees towards their successful integration.

Katrin comleted her Master’s degree in cultural geography with focus on development research at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Nora Wehofsits Nora Wehofsits (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Nora Wehofsits

Advocacy Officer and Project Coordinator

Nora is responsible for all advocacy activities of the ECPMF, to foster media freedom and represent ECPMF's mission in the public and political debate. She advocates for the ECPMF by liaising and mobilising cooperation. Moreover, her tasks include developing and coordinating projects or events, such as the ECPMF’s conferences, as well as creating funding concepts. Nora’s work experiences in Germany and abroad include different journalistic and editorial occupations as well as strategic corporate and science communication, for instance in the field of sustainable development. She has an academic background in Communication Science and International Criminology, with theses about media impacts on criminal justice and the relation between press freedom and corruption.


Jane Whyatt Jane Whyatt (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Jane Whyatt

Editorial Team

Jane is responsible for creating and curating web content at the ECPMF and supporting the ECPMF’s activities. She is an experienced journalist, documentary-maker and producer with a strong track record in campaigning for press and broadcasting freedom, diversity and plurality of media ownership. As a journalist she covered the Falklands conflict and UK general elections dating back to the 1980s and she has worked as a lecturer and academic leader at London’s top journalism schools. She has won the CRA Race in the Media Best Documentary Prize, the BJTC Award for Excellence in Journalism Education (twice), the Guardian/Unltd Award for Social Entrepreneurship and the Olympic Inspire Mark, London 2012. Jane took a degree in Modern European Studies (Politics, French and German) at the University of Bristol, UK.