Vladimir Radomirovic

As an organisation of investigative journalists in Serbia we fully support the founding of the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom. We have been constantly faced with censorship and political pressure in the course of our work as reporters in Serbia, and we found existing European and local organisations to be of no or little use in helping prevent attacks on journalistic freedoms. Therefore it is our strong belief that the Centre, as an organisation working to implement the European Charter on Freedom of the Press, will be of utmost importance for the whole European region. By setting standards and strictly keeping to them, the Centre will be a welcome example for the rest of the world. We believe that only a pan-European organisation devoted entirely to the protection of journalistic freedoms can be an effective tool in securing full independence of reporters from both political and economic pressures. Through our website Pistaljka we report on major corruption cases and we find that the mandate of the Centre to also protect journalistic sources is essential for a free press. These are the reasons why we back the founding of the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom. 

Founding Member


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  • Foreningen for Undersogende Journalistik (FUJ)
  • Platforma en Defensa de la Libertad de Informacion (PDLI)
  • Dr. Lutz Kinkel
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