Anthony McNicholas

Anthony McNicholas completed his PhD in Media and Communications at CCIS (predecessor of CAMRI) in December 2000. Since then he has taught on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses but since 2002 has been principally engaged in research. He is chief researcher on an AHRC/BBC funded project to produce volume 6 of the official history of the BBC, covering the years 1975-1987, working with Prof Jean Seaton. His research interests include the history of broadcasting, newspaper history, political communication, the media and nationalism, the media and religion. His PhD, now published, was a study of Irish political journalism in Victorian England. He has been part of the supervisory team for a number of students researching in the areas of broadcasting history and is currently supervising students working on the reporting of conflict in Latin America and politics in the Middle East. He is the Editor of WPCC (Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture) and Principal Editor of Interactions: Studies in Communications & Culture (Intellect, forthcoming, 2009).


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