Helpdesk Manager

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom offers support in Germany for foreign or (exiled) media professionals.

In many cases, they are in need of concrete practical support. This is why the ECPMF establishes a “helpdesk” in Germany for exiled media professionals. It is supposed to check requests, to give case-specific advice and to coordinate assistance from third parties in Europe. In coordination with our Journalists-in-Residence manager, you will operate the Helpdesk in Germany and establish a network of supporters. You will, for example, mediate and coordinate psychological therapies, legal advice and arrange micro-scholarships for internships, e.g. in German media.

We are looking for you – starting right away:

New professional in intercultural counselling and support of
foreign and exiled media professionals


Limited contract until March 31, 2020
part-time, 30h/ week

place of employment: Leipzig-Gohlis, ECPMF-office

 Application deadline: April 26, 2019

The advertised position contains the following areas of responsibility:

  • examination of help requests and case-specific mediation of help offers in Germany for foreign or exiled media professionals
  • establishing a network of aid organisations and maintaining the already existing contacts
  • supporting the integration and professional development of the target group
  • Coordinating and cooperating with the Journalist-in-Residence manager

The requirements are:

  • professional background in the social area; experience with the case work and with the work of non-governmental organisations
  • a great interest to work with media professionals, especially with journalists of a non-German background
  • intercultural competence, empathy, excellent communication skills, both orally and written; high resilience
  • excellent German and English skills; more language skills welcome

The compensation of the full time position is based on TV-L Ost 9 (collective agreement for civil service employees). For now, the position will be limited until March 31, 2020, as funding comes from project grants. However, our aim is to continue the project in 2020.

In the ECPMF, you will find both a friendly and ambitious team that dedicates itself to the defence of the European Charter for Press Freedom. Are you interested in joining us? If so, contact us right away at:


We are looking forward to your application.