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By donating to the ECPMF you help us to protect the universal right of freedom of expression and to work with groups and individuals who defend those rights.

Our mission is to unite Europe’s highly fragmented media freedom community and to address media freedom violations. The ECPMF will work as a registration office, and as contact point for organisations and individuals. We will serve as a contact and information point to the public.

With your donation we report and protest against violations of media freedom, we give shelter to journalists under threat and we start legal initiatives.

Help us to unite the press and media freedom community in Europe, please donate:


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Please note: 

We use your donations to support press and media freedom activities in Europe. Due to administration costs it is not possible to donate for a certain project at the moment. Donations are refundable from the fiscal authorities in many European Union countries. Please check it for your country.

For Germany:

If you need a contribution receipt (Zuwendungsbescheinigung) pls. put your address in the purpose field of your transferal. For regular donations it is possible to get a collecting receipt for one calendar year.

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