The ECPMF plays a unique role in creating a lively press freedom community and uniting all the different Freedom of Expression (FoX) organisations, from media companies and academics through unions and campaigning organisations to media lawyers in Europe. The ECPMF is the only umbrella organisation for every player in the press and media freedom field. You can become a part of this community by joining the Centre as a member. Freedom of the press and media is of vital importance for democratic states and open societies. Attacks on media freedom are attacks on freedom itself. The purpose of the ECPMF is therefore the promotion, preservation and defence of press and media freedom by various activities, such as:

  • operating a centre to monitor violations of freedom of the press and media and informing the public and policy makers in Europe about those violations
  • providing concrete and altruistic aid to defend against attacks on press and media freedom
  • co-operating with organisations and individuals who are working on a non-profit basis for the cause of free media
  • creating scientific analyses
  • educating and training media professionals
  • awarding prizes and other distinctions to persons and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to free media

Become a member


Who can become a member?

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom is constituted as a European Co-operative Society (SCE) and operates as a non-profit organisation. It aims to facilitate cross-border and trans-national activities. If you agree with the European Charter on Freedom of the Press as well as with our Statute and Code of Conduct, membership is available for:


(a) natural persons

(b) partnerships with a registered office in Europe

(c) legal entities in private law with a registered office in Europe

(d) legal entities in public law with a registered office in Europe


Benefits of membership

As a member of the ECPMF you are fully involved in our decision-making processes. Thus you are an integral part of our press and media freedom community. Members’ rights include, for example, participation, submitting motions to the general assembly, voting and access to a unique network of many FoX organisations in different European countries. To become a member you must pay a one-off fee of €100 and this entitles you to own one share of the ECPMF, which is constituted as a not-for-profit co-operative registered in Germany as a European Co-operative Society (SCE).

For further information please see our statute.

Founding Member


  • voxeurop
  • Karina Oganesyan
  • Foreningen for Undersogende Journalistik (FUJ)
  • Platforma en Defensa de la Libertad de Informacion (PDLI)
  • Dr. Lutz Kinkel
  • Renate Flottau
  • Andreas Lamm