BULGARIA: Media ownership in a “captured state”

Report on the June 2018 joint fact-finding mission

In June 2018, during the last week of Bulgaria’s rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) carried out a fact-finding mission in Sofia, along with its partner Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso - Transeuropa (OBCT) and with the support of the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO). Such fact-finding missions are sent to troubled areas in Europe where media freedom violations are occurring.

Wall painting in the building of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. Photo: ECPMF

The ECPMF’s June 2018 fact-finding Mission to Bulgaria focused on media ownership and media capture as most pressing issues. Please read or download the mission's in-depth report with the analysis of the interviews below.

We urge the EU institutions to press Bulgaria to uphold the rule of law. Bulgarian authorities must restore freedom of expression and a free press.